Conner O’Malley review – Silicon Valley parody delivers standup solutions

July 13, 2023
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Soho theatre, London
An AI comedian cracks jokes tailored to the audience’s internet search history in this spoof corporate presentation

Streaming platforms increasingly tailor content to our own, unique tastes. Imagine if a standup could do the same? That’s the promise held out by Richard Eagleton, founder and CEO of Standup Solutions and developer of KENN, the world’s first AI comedian, in this spoof corporate presentation by Conner O’Malley. This US act has cultivated a covetable reputation for his online work, and there’s much to enjoy in this parody of Silicon Valley values and tech utopianism. But it’s not subtle, and its characterisation of O’Malley’s digital guru alter ego is not a surprising one.

The joke to begin with, and the first seed sewn that Eagleton may be something less than a slick success, is that the revolutionary AI development we’re promised is endlessly withheld. First we get to hear about Eagleton’s childhood in Des Plaines, Illinois. Then all about his beloved car, extensive tech spec very much included. Then about his workout routine and diet, a livelier section sending up the bizarre, macho behaviour of performative, competitive wellbeing.

At Soho theatre, London, until 15 July

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