2024 will be a litmus test for AI’s effect on elections – and voters’ faith in them | Ellen Judson

July 7, 2023
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Politicians and tech firms need to be transparent now about the provenance and use of artificially generated campaign content

Next year will be a bumper year for democracy across the world, with general elections in India, Mexico and the EU parliament, as well as presidential elections from the US to Venezuela to Taiwan. With a UK general election also coming up no later than 28 January 2025, a significant proportion of the global population will go to the polls.

But this tidal wave of political activity will also mark the first major electoral cycle in the era of widespread generative AI. The “fake news” rows of recent years will be intensified and accelerated in ways we are only just beginning to imagine.

Ellen Judson is head of CASM (the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media) at the thinktank Demos

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