A robot reporter chasing down stories about alien cats: how Times & Galaxy nails journalism

July 6, 2023
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Copychaser Games’ Ben Gelinas explains how his career as a crime reporter inspired him to create a game where you play a roving robot reporter

A game about a robot becoming a journalist feels a bit on the nose right now, in the midst of stories about writers being replaced by AI. But Ben Gelinas, director of Times & Galaxy, says it was never his intention to make a point about the rise of artificial intelligence. The intention was to focus on journalism itself. “You can’t write for everybody, and I’m trying to show that.”

You play as Reporterbot, the first ever robot reporter for the Times & Galaxy, a space “holopaper” that’s produced aboard a starship. On your first day as an intern, you’re sent to investigate a shuttle crash, and after interviewing witnesses and poking around for clues, you have to decide how to write up the story. Do you go for a sensationalist angle? Focus on the human (read: alien) interest? Or do you produce an informational story, merely giving the facts?

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