Tips for Boosting your Email Marketing Campaign with Better Content

July 5, 2023
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Tips for Boosting your Email Marketing Campaign with Better Content

E-mail marketing does not lose its relevance among businesses, even though a few years ago one could meet forecasts about the prospects for its gradual loss of relevance. In the conditions of rapid market dynamics, survives that what changes and transforms according to the audience’s request. Marketers have found tools to update email marketing. This made it possible to end the “era” of endless mailings of the same type, which users perceived as spam and did not want to read.

Now the best practices of email marketing have become more accessible, and email marketing statistics in this direction indicate the effectiveness of this method of communication with the audience. Below are some tips to help you make your mailings more effective.

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1. Segmentation of target audience lists

Each company has customers who are interested in different groups of goods or services. If you are good at analytics and understand these trends, you can develop customized offers for different clients in your business.

Do not be afraid that there will be fewer letters. It is better to do less effective targeted actions than to bombard the clients with lots of emails with offers that are not the object of their real interest.

Imagine that there is a regular customer who consistently purchases certain groups of goods and shows indifference to the rest of the assortment. This happens often enough. To understand the psychology of this client in terms of the perception of mailings, it is worth imagining 2 different situations:

He regularly receives a lot of letters, where there is only 20% of the information that concerns the goods and services of interest to him.
He rarely, but with a certain frequency, receives targeted offers with discounts on products of interest.

In the first case, targeted information may be lost among the general array of proposals. In the second case, the reader from the first lines will understand that he is being offered something profitable. Perhaps one of the marketers will ask why to offer the client discounts on what he already purchases. But the art of marketing here will lie in the ability to make an offer, where, by receiving a discount on a favorite product, the client will be motivated to purchase a larger check. For example, a 15% discount if you buy not 1 but 2 pairs of shoes from the new collection. Up-to-date tips for optimizing your email marketing campaigns will help you develop a good strategy.

2. Adaptation of letters for mobile devices

The audience is increasingly checking email using smartphones. Recent studies, which can be found in large numbers in the public domain, state the evidence in this regard. It lies in the fact that most people delete letters that do not display well. People don’t even read them. Nothing is surprising in it because the audience does not feel that someone is taking care of them.

To focus on the content of the letter, its form must be adapted for comfortable perception.

3. The ability not to overload the letter with unnecessary content

Your proposal should be extremely capacious, concise, and specific. The audience lives in a mode of permanent information overload. Every company a customer comes into contact with tries to get their attention. As a result, the potential consumer is overloaded with the email. To draw attention to the content of a particular enterprise and distinguish it from competitors, it must be a well-written letter. Below are some of its features:

a capacious and “catchy” content topic (the reader must initially understand why he needs to read the content);
a statement of the key essence of the letter in the first paragraph (if it is clear from the first lines what the client’s benefit is, this increases the likelihood of reading to the end);
a call to action at the end (the reader must understand what to do to benefit).

These content design principles apply in many cases, whether you’re writing a welcome post on a Facebook group or an email to a loyal customer about an upcoming sale. At Findymail, you can learn more about the current criteria for quality content for email newsletters.

4. Sending an email on behalf of a real person

For example, interacting with a particular bank manager is much more pleasant than interacting with the bank itself. When not signed, that letter gives the reader the impression that he is interacting with something uninspired. And when a real representative of the company contacts, it inspires confidence. A human being is associated with responsibility. Many clients are tired of numerous virtual assistants that work on algorithms. When a live person from the company’s side is included in the interaction, the client understands: he can count on an individual approach and empathy.

5. Choose the best time to send emails

Job offers may be appropriate at the beginning of the week. It is best to send such letters in the morning. And if you want to let your customers know about a weekend sale, it’s best to send emails on Thursday or Friday afternoons. If you do this too early, then you reduce the effectiveness of such a mailing. Before the weekend, readers’ priorities may change many times, and your offer will be squeezed out of their attention.

Remember: there is no single best time to send all emails. Relevance depends on the subject of the letter and the psychology of perception of your target audience.


Gone are the days when email marketing meant “tons” of useless repetitive emails in a prospect’s or regular customer’s inbox. Today, communication should be meaningful and targeted. With this approach email marketing flourishes. No wonder one of the recent studies says that every dollar invested in this type of marketing brings $36 in return. To get into the statistics of happy companies that use this opportunity to the maximum, use the tips that you learned about in the article.

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

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